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dog stars of instagram

The week after a holiday is always difficult. But for dog stars on Instagram, it was back to canine business as usual. From showing off new tricks to energetic drinks out of the hose, our favorite social-savvy pups had a fantastic start to June. Check out some of the highlights below.

For Champ the Samoyed, he put up with a little shenanigans from his baby brother. Some canine companions might get annoyed by a small child throwing toys, but not Champ. He just flashed a famous Sammy smile.

Champ also had to deal with his owner being gone for two whole days. But despite some initial anxieties, he got through it like a…well…champ! Needless to say, he was pretty excited to see his human return.

For the Dal family of @dalmatian_ruby, they enjoyed the little things in life. Though the Dalmatians had their reservations about the kiddie pool, they really loved the hose.

While Louie and Mila got their noses wet, Zak stayed laser-focused on his owner. Seriously, he just sat and stared, giving her the perfect opportunity to snap this adorable pic.

This boy 😍😍 Zak ❤️

A post shared by dalmatian_ruby (@dalmatian_ruby) on

“Sun’s out, tongue’s out!” Everyone’s favorite trick-performing Westie, Louby, soaked up some rays.

Then, he went on a hike and admired the beauty of nature.

Later, he imitated an animal very different from himself: a snake. Wriggling around in the grass never looked so cute!

For Hiro the Siberian Husky, it was a week of balance. What did he balance? Playing and sleeping. First, he conquered a giant pencil toy.

Then, he settled in for a nap. Check out that pose!

But sometimes, it’s better to be curled up than sprawled out.

Hiro ended the week by showing us his “owie” trick. That’s not something you see every day!

Finally, our friend Calvin the therapy dog visited the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to spread some joy.

He also helped raise money for the hospital’s therapy dog program and attended their Walk and Play event!

However, there was still some time for a little play and relaxation. If you’re Calvin, that means dock diving. Look at him go!

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