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dog stars of instagram

Just like with humans, canine best friends come in all shapes and sizes — and the dog stars of Instagram are no exception. Some of these Internet pups like hanging around other dogs, while others prefer the company of their owners. A few have even been spotted cozying up to cats! Check out a handful of the sweetest animal bonding moments from the past week below.

As you may be able to tell from this picture, Bojo the Corgi’s best friend is his brother, Milo. There’s nothing like a pair of Pembroke BFFs. They love to go to the beach together.


A post shared by Bojo and Milo (@bojothecorgi) on

Look at these two go! A day in the surf is always better when you have a buddy to share it with.

Beach daze ✨

A post shared by Bojo and Milo (@bojothecorgi) on

Norwich Terriers Kira and Ollie had a special visitor this week. Bakey is also a Norwich, and blends right in!

If you know anything about Secret the Aussie, it’s that her favorite friend in the whole world is her owner, Mary. Just look at the love in this photo. We bet Secret was also pretty excited about those strawberries

What about Mr. Marcel the Frenchie? Well, he’s quite a special dude and has two very unique best friends to call his own. As you can see, Marcel and his Doberman sister, Lilly, are pretty much inseparable.

And when he’s not snuggling up to Lilly, Marcel loves to spend time with his feline friend, Ares. Kisses all around.

One kiss is all it takes, fallin in love with me 🌈 #loveislove #WHP🌈 __

A post shared by Mr.Marcel & Co. (@mr.marcel) on

It’s clear from this picture that Saint Bernards Fudge and Chloe share the same BFF. Don’t worry, you two. There’s plenty of love to go around!

As for Huskies Jackie and Jon, it looks like Jon can’t get enough of his older sister. Jackie, on the other hand, is still getting used to her puppy pal. We think he’ll win her over in no time.

Riley and her canine BFF, Bailey, not only look a lot alike, but they also have similar interests. In this case, it’s all about the pool. They are Labs, after all.

But when Bailey’s not around, Riley is happy to pose for a picture with this tiny human. They’re a match made in heaven.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s Cricket. Cricket has many friends, that’s for sure. But there’s one pal, an unusual pal, that comes before all the others. That, of course, is his tennis ball.

My mum tells me I’m a good boy 💙 #crickettheawesomedog

A post shared by fozzcook (@fozzcook) on

Just a Golden Retriever and his ball. Friends forever!

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