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Some dogs, like retrievers and spaniels, are born with a love of water. Others, regardless of what they were bred to do, are just as excited to dip their paws in a refreshing lake or pond when given the chance. This week, the dog stars of Instagram took to the ocean, the pool, and even the bathtub to get their water fix. See how a few of our favorite canine friends got wet and wild!

The Smith family and their Bernese Mountain Dogs spent tons of time at the beach this week, as they often do. These beautiful and fun-loving dogs took a romp on both the sand and in the water.

Look at them go!

Pack of greyhounds this lot not bernese 😂😂😂

A post shared by Bess Koa Bindi Darcy & Annie (@thesmithfamilybernese) on

Annie looked graceful and downright adorable as she strolled out of the ocean.

Walking out of the sea like a bond babe 😍😍😍 Annie

A post shared by Bess Koa Bindi Darcy & Annie (@thesmithfamilybernese) on

As for Bess, she was all smiles, despite the overcast day.

While we’re not sure what type of water fun Cricket the Golden Retriever had this week, he definitely got some … just look at his fur!

Doing his best Walrus impersonation! 😂 #crickettheawesomedog 🎾🎾

A post shared by fozzcook (@fozzcook) on

You can never have too many tennis balls, right, Cricket?

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Loki and Styx were in their element. Tollers were bred for hunting and retrieving game (even in water). In fact, they have webbed feet!

Meanwhile, our Samoyed pal Rocky decided he’d rather pose by a pond instead of dive into it. With all that beautiful fur, we understand why he’d be hesitant.

How did Choco and Nala feel about going to the beach this week? Well, just take a look at this picture. They set off running, dove in head first, and never looked back. These Labs are water dogs through and through.

Beach dogs forever 🏖

A post shared by Choco & Nala (@chocoandnala) on

After a dip in the ocean, it was time to dry off. Nala didn’t mind cuddling up in a towel.

Weekend plans 🏖 #extremeturkeyneck

A post shared by Choco & Nala (@chocoandnala) on

Brego the Weimaraner had a unique adventure this week. He went kayaking with his owner — and looked incredibly photogenic while doing it! Notice his doggy life jacket

As for the German Shepherd Dogs of @the_island_dog, almost every day is a beach day. We love the way Marla smushes her face in the water!

Unfortunately for Winston, Finley, and Theodore, their fun-filled day rolling around in poop did not end the way they intended. The three Dachshunds spent some time in the bath. Just look at those faces!

We have come to the conclusion that rolling in poop was NOT worth it.

A post shared by Winston, Finley, and Theodore (@the_3_weenies) on

Meanwhile, Wally the Pembroke Welsh Corgi may not have gotten in the water, but he sprawled out on a blanket to work on his “base tan.”

When summer's around the corner and you know you gotta work on your base tan.

A post shared by WALLY (@wallythewelshcorgi) on
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