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It’s incredible how quickly our dogs grow up; they go from silly, little puppies to amazing, curious, and beautiful dogs. This week in dog stars, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite canine pals’ early years. See these pups grow right before your very eyes!

We can’t get enough of baby Beau and baby Bear sharing a pinecone. Puppies will try to put anything and everything in their mouths.

“We got this for you” – Beau & Bear #tbt

A post shared by Beau & Bear (@golden__beau) on

Now, these Golden Retrievers are a little more interested in a good nap … but they’re still two peas in a pod.

When you’re back at work Monday…jk, we don’t work

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Have you ever seen such big ears? Peanut the Pembroke Welsh Corgi loved being snuggled by his owner as a pup. And his ears were always ready to catch anything interesting that might be going on.

These days, Peanut has grown into his giant ears, but he’s still as cute as ever. Here, he smiles for the camera as he gets ready to compete in conformation.

Getting gussied up to be shown! Wish me luck! #dogshow

A post shared by Peanut.the.corgi (@peanutthetricorgi) on

It’s hard to believe that a Bernese Mountain Dog like Klueso was ever this small! Male BMDs can be anywhere from 80 to 115 pounds. That’s a lot of dog…

As you can see here, Klueso has certainly reached his full potential. But being big doesn’t stop him from befriending those that are smaller. He loves to romp around with his friend, a Dachshund.

Rocky the Samoyed may have just been a little pup here, but he knew how to flash that classic Sammy smile.

Thankfully, he’s still as smiley as ever. He’s also much bigger and a little fluffier, too!

Look at this adorable puppy belly belonging to Bellatrix the Dachshund!

And look at her now! Still charming and adorable. She is, as her dog tag says, “Queen B.”

I had the BEST day ever at @dachshund_town I got to meet so many of my insta friends and I even won a rosette in the fancy dress competition! 😁💖 Look out tomorrow for lots of photos with my friends I met 🐶 . . Bandana by @pawsomepawsboutique . . #dachshundtown #sausagedog #festival #weekend #happy #sausageparty . #bellatrixlesausage #50weeksold #puppy #sausagedog #miniaturedachshund #miniaturedachshundpuppy #minidachshund #minisausagedog #sausagedogpuppy #dachshundpuppy #dachshund #daxie #doxie #minidaxie #wienerdog #wienerpuppy #puppiesofinstagram #dachshundoftheday #featuremydach #featuremydoxie #ukhotdogs #thedoxieworld #sausagedogcentral #dachshundsofinstagram @sausagedogcentral @dachshundappreciation @doxiecentral @dachshundsofinstagram @dachshundoftheday @thedoxieworld

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Have you ever seen such a sleepy nugget basking in the sun? That’s baby Luna the Bulldog, living the good life.

#TBT to Sunbathing in the Hamptons. 🌞

A post shared by Luna 🐶 (@bullieluna) on

She may not be that small anymore, but Luna still loves a good snooze!

Sleeping till the weekend. 💤

A post shared by Luna 🐶 (@bullieluna) on

And finally, Sir Charles Barkley the Frenchie was one serious looking pup.

#tbt #throwbackthursday That little smirk 😏 #babybarkley age 5 months

A post shared by SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie (@barkleysircharles) on

Nowadays, he’s a little more sassy. He likes to tell you what he’s thinking with just a look … but what a cute face it is!

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