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dog stars of instagram

This week, we’re having a friendly competition between the dog stars of Instagram that we’re calling “Battle of the Cuteness.” The rules are simple: YOU decide who’s cuter — the canine companions living their best summer lives or the pups taking naps to a whole new level. So, who will win? Spoiler alert: we all do!

Despite the heat, our favorite Tollers, Loki and Styx, enjoyed the great outdoors. After playing in the water and rolling in the grass, Loki was all smiles.

And Styx wasn’t shy about posing for the camera. After romping around in the backyard all morning, you have to take a quick break to savor the summer breeze.

What’s better than playing in the water on a hot day? Playing in the water, then rolling in the sand! These two dogs are going to need a good bath.

The Newfoundlands of @thelogansquarebears are always up to something. This week, they embraced their natural water instincts and worked on some rescue training. Cass sure looks like he’s in his element.

He even competed in the River King Newfoundland Club’s Mock Water Test. That’s one talented pup!

While Cass worked on training, Elmore happily hopped up on the grooming table. He gave his groomer some kisses and didn’t seem to mind getting a trim.

The Smith Family Bernese Mountain Dogs practically live for summer. These canine companions love nothing more than hanging out at the beach. Look how much they enjoy the water.

The water babies….everyone but Bindi 😂😂😂

A post shared by Bess Koa Bindi Darcy & Annie (@thesmithfamilybernese) on

When they’re not at the beach, they’re splashing in the kiddie pool.

After getting all wet, it’s time to lounge on a chair with your favorite toy. Sunbathing is the best.

But not every dog star was super active this week. Some of the canines on Instagram were at their cutest when snoozing. On a hot day, there’s nothing quite like taking a nap in the air conditioning. Just ask Coogi the Chinese Shar-Pei.

She spent all week sleeping…and sleeping…and sleeping. It’s just downright adorable.

Choco and Nala, the Labrador Retrievers, also spent a big chunk of the week napping. What’s even cuter? They did it together!

When you’re the first one awake at a sleepover 😫

A post shared by Choco & Nala (@chocoandnala) on

Nala is all kinds of sleepy here. She couldn’t stretch out more if she tried.

“I’m gonna be super productive this weekend”

A post shared by Choco & Nala (@chocoandnala) on

The Labs did eventually venture outside, but only to snooze in the sun. And, they’ve got the eyewear to do it up right.

Dear Monday, Please wake me up Friday. Love, Nala 🐾

A post shared by Choco & Nala (@chocoandnala) on

There’s no doubt that Bulldogs love a good nap, and the Bulldogs of @jelly_pp are no exception. Using a toy as a pillow is a classic move.


A post shared by jelly_pp (@jelly_pp) on

If you’re not using one as a pillow, you might as well cuddle with it — while sticking your tongue out!

Skinny boy Aui-Aui. ❤️🐘❤️✌🏻😅😅

A post shared by jelly_pp (@jelly_pp) on

In conclusion, it’s impossible to decide which pups are cuter. In fact, we can’t stop scrolling through ALL of their Instagram feeds!

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