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dog stars of instagram

With their short legs and big personalities, people everywhere can’t help but become enamored with Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It’s no wonder, then, that these affectionate, smart, and alert dogs are so popular on social media. Thanks to their often silly antics, they’re a joy to watch. This week, we checked in with the Corgi dog stars of Instagram. Scroll down to see what they were up to!

How did Zero spend her time? By floating around in the pool! She and a fellow Corgi friend were certainly living the good life.

When she wasn’t in the water, Zero was just as happy to hang out in the grass and enjoy a beautiful day.

As for sister and brother Corgis, Maple and Morty, the duo let their silliness shine through. Morty reminded his owner that when he wants attention, she better do something about it. The paw means, “More petting, please.”

🔊 Like seriously, WHERE did he learn to TAP HIS PAWS for attention?! 😂

A post shared by Maple and Morty (@mapleandmortycorgi) on

While Morty demanded attention, Maple demanded, well, food. She wasn’t interested in responding to anything that wasn’t food related. And really, can you blame her?

If they weren’t silly enough on their own, Maple and Morty were extra goofy together. Oh, siblings…how they push each other’s buttons!

Wally, meanwhile, was practicing his croissant impersonation. What do you think? We’d say he’s pretty good at it.

When you look like an emoji. 🥐

A post shared by WALLY (@wallythewelshcorgi) on

And if you didn’t think Wally’s croissant was convincing, take a look at his hamburger. What a cutie!

Hope for the best, but expect the wurst.

A post shared by WALLY (@wallythewelshcorgi) on

Is that a shark?! Oh, no, it’s just a Corgi that’s super excited about shark week.

When it's Shark Week and you can hardly contain your excitement.

A post shared by WALLY (@wallythewelshcorgi) on

What were Mona and Drewbert up to this week? Just corgi-ing around, of course.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just a flying Corgi.

These Corgis are two peas in a pod.

And finally, Ollie the Corgi had a very exciting week. He welcomed two new feline family members, Marble and Clay.

Clearly, Ollie makes a great big brother. He warmed up to his kitten siblings very quickly.

Awwww, is this not the sweetest thing?! They’re melting our hearts.

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