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This week may not have felt very spring-like for us humans, but for the dogs of Instagram, they couldn’t have cared less. Every day is a great day to be a dog. Let’s see what some of our favorite furry friends were up to.

For Cricket the Golden Retriever, aka @fozzcook, this week was all about tennis balls (as it should be).

Cricket played with his tennis ball in the pool.

He fit TWO, count ’em, TWO tennis balls in his mouth at once.

Someone is very proud! 😀 #crickettheawesomedog

A post shared by fozzcook (@fozzcook) on

And he dropped one off the couch…but luckily, his owner was around to pick it up!

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Meanwhile, Wonton Soup the Pekingese was feeling nostalgic. The weather kept him from attending the Boston Marathon this year, but he remembered cheering on the runners in 2017.

Our favorite service Shiba, Chiyo, had an extremely busy week!

Chiyo went to the beach and enjoyed the sun.

He also went peach picking and indulged in some of the delicious fruit.

If those adventures weren’t exciting enough, Chiyo also guided his owner across the canopy walk at Myakka State Park.

Dean the Basset, on the other hand, had a pretty lazy week.

He tried to be a good watchdog…

if I didn’t sleep 10 hours a day i’d be a pretty good watch dog! 👀

A post shared by Dean (@deanthebasset) on

But decided that sleeping was more his style.

As for Sir Charles Barkley the Frenchie, he did what he does best. Namely, just being straight up adorable.

What? I’m just enjoying the earth. #earthday

A post shared by SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie (@barkleysircharles) on

He’s all about that lounging life.

How can you resist that face?! Did you know Frenchies are now the fourth most popular dog breed in the U.S.?

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