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This Doberman is sound asleep. What's so unusual about his nap, however, is that one of his eyes is open…

Does your dog ever do that? We've definitely seen dogs do this before. And we'll be honest, as adorable as Jaxx is, his open eye does make him look like a zombie. Check out his silly sleeping face in the video below.

And just when you think Jaxx has woken up…he falls back to sleep, of course, with his eye open.

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On the opposite end of the doggie-spectrum is Tana the Doberman. She is wide awake and ready to show off her skills.

Tana is definitely a smart dog and her obedience is impressive, especially when her owner gets treats involved.

Is anyone really surprised though? Dobermans are known for their intelligence and ability to absorb and retain training.

Ready to take your dog's training to the next level? Start with our trick guide and work your way up to Canine Good Citizen, Obedience competition, and more!

Want to learn more about the Doberman? Check out our video on this breed below!
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