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dancing dog

July 28 marks National Dance Day, and to celebrate this glorious occasion, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite dancing dog videos. If you’re one of those people who’s not light on their feet, you might want to take a cue or two from these talented pups!

“Fred Astaire’s got nothing on me.”

“I learned this on my trip to Hawaii.”

I felt like doing a little hula #huladog #dogsdancing

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“Who wants to join the conga line?!”

Dance like nobody’s watching.

When the beat’s got control over you.

“I just can’t help myself when this song comes on!”

“I dance out of joy…and for bacon.”

“What can I say? Disco just gets me.”

Happy #TBT!!! Here I am dancing 💃🏻 to “her name was Lola” #copacabana #barrymanilow one of my favs! And to all the Birthdays and Gotchas, this one’s for you!!! 🎉 @slash_dazzle_marley Happy birthday 🎂 to Dazzle and Mom, Sandra! How cool is that to share a birthday with your fur baby! #Dazzles5thbirthdaypawty 🎉 @furry_cousins Happy birthday 🎂 sweet Versace! #versaceonthefloor 🎉 @tiffany_pomy Happy belated birthday to princess 👑 Tiffany in Austria 🇦🇹 #tiffanyturns2 🎉 @poppy_simba_winnie_phoebe Happy belated birthdays 🎂 to my Phoebe, Simba, and Winnie in New Zealand 🇳🇿 #WePartiedWithTheNZPoms 🎉 @elemer_torokmez Happy belated birthday 🎂 to Lil Almaz in Croatia 🇭🇷 #almaz1stpawty 🎉 @1996barncoco Happy Gotcha Day O!!! Everything happens for a reason – thanks for bringing smiles to thousands around the world! #ob1topuppyo2years 🎉 @princess_lizzydoodle Happy early birthday 🎂 to Scout who will be 1 this weekend. #scoutthelabturns1 🎉 Please visit my pawtners @baileebobo @eclaireisabear @buster_pancho_jackson @summer.thelabradoodle @wuppyr for a daily dose of pawsomeness! 🎉 #adoptdontshop #dogsdaily #pupflix #pommy #ilovemydog #igdaily #dogsandpals #pomeraniansofig #pommygirl #pomlove #throwbackthursday #dancingdog #pommy #littledog #instadog #furrybabyloveclub #instadaily #weareunitedpaws #upgfamily #unitedpawsgroup

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When you prefer the horizontal mambo.

Brutus does his dance. #dogsofinstagram #dogsdancing #shihtzu #mamboitaliano

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A cross between tap dancing and the moonwalk?
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