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How many Dachshunds does it take to fetch a stick? One… maybe two? You'll just have to watch this adorable video to find out!

Not what you'd think, right? It takes THREE Dachshunds to tackle this stick. And they do a great job of sharing it. Teamwork at it's finest.

Want to teach your dog (or dogs) to fetch? We have just the thing. Check out our guide here. And if he's mastered fetch, but you still want to give him some stimulation and challenge his mind, we have a whole list of tricks you can teach him.

And while those three Dachshunds are having the time of their lives with that stick, these Dachshund puppies are excitedly running like the wind.

They're being filmed and they seem to think that the camera is pretty interesting. Cue Dachshund pup stampede!

Watch below.

Try to find something as cute as that…we bet you can't do it. Their little puppy hops, wagging puppy tails, adorable puppy faces… we're in Dachshund heaven for sure.

Interested in proclaiming your Dachshund love for the whole world to see? We've got you covered. Check out these Dachshund specific products on the AKC Shop. Coffee mugs, pillows, hand towels, we've got it all. You'll have your house decorated in Dachshund in no time.

And to make your day even better, we've got a little thing we like to call delightful, dashing Dachshund compilation video. Enjoy!
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