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This Dachshund, named Ludo, is a pretty smart dog. Ludo plays a game with his owner where he rings a bell and she gives him treats. Watch this adorable and unique trick below.

How cute is that? And it makes sense too, we love to serve our dogs, so why shouldn't they ring a bell for us to give them treats?! Ludo is so gentlemanly and polite throughout the whole trick. We're surprised he isn't ringing the bell the whole time!

Want to teach your dog some fun tricks so he can rival Ludo? Check out some of our favorites, here. For even more tricks, buy '101 Dog Tricks' on the AKC Shop! You and your dog will be trick experts in no time.

And while Ludo is showing off his tricks, these three Dachshunds are running like the wind. The three friends race around a grass track with the breeze in their faces and not a care in the world. Watch their ears flop and little legs go.

Best three musketeers we've ever seen! Nothing better than a beautiful day to just run and hang out with your friends. And these Dachshunds are really moving; they're not letting short legs stop them.

Looking for a way to utilize your dog's energy and enthusiasm for running? You might want to check out agility. Agility is a fast-growing dog sport where dogs and handlers run through a course full of obstacles like jumps, weaves, and dog walks. Not only is agility tons of fun, but it's great exercise for your dog and helps you grow the bond between you and your pup.

Get a feel for this great activity from John and his Shetland Sheepdog, Rush, in the video below.
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