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Little Martha just wants a friend to play with. Unfortunately, the friend that she's found isn't a real dog, just a statue. Watch as she tries to convince this “fellow Dachshund” to play.

Silly pup! She's got such energy and that classic-Dachshund spunk. Since that statue won't play with her, maybe Martha and her owner should try some mind games, like these ones. They're challenging and will keep your dog active and on her toes.

And while Martha is ready for playtime, this little Dachshund pup is ready for nap time! There's nothing better than falling asleep to some belly scratches. Watch as this little girl drifts off to sleep as her owner strokes her tummy.

How precious. We think this pup would agree, there's no time like nap time. In fact, did you know that puppies sleep about 15-to-20 hours a day. It's true! Learn more about puppy sleep habits, here.

If you haven't yet gotten your Dachshund-video fix for the day, we have one last compilation video. You'll love it, we promise!

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