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Is your dog musically inclined? This Dachshund is! Watch as Edith learns to play the piano.

Pretty impressive right? Yes, we know it's a kids' piano, but we're sure Edith will go on to the real thing in no time.

When she does, she might be able to accompany some of these dogs that like to sing. We know so many singing dogs, so why do dogs howl anyway? Find out the answer here.

And for your viewing pleasure, we also have this Dachshund puppy who is experiencing her first snow.

How cute! Fern isn't sure what to make of the snow, especially since it's almost as tall as she is. She hops around, lets out a few howls, and in the end, she seems to be having a good time.

How does your dog feel about snow? Share your pictures and videos with us!

Finally, make sure you stay safe out there this winter. Check out our helpful safety tips here.
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