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This Shih Tzu doesn't care how small he is! He is determined to drag this giant teddy bear around the house. Will he succeed? Or is the teddy bear just too big? Find out in the video below.

It's OK little guy, that's a big teddy bear! Maybe you'll get 'em next time.

Looking for a toy that's more Shih Tzu-sized? The AKC Shop has everything you need and more. Check out interactive toys, tug toys, and fetch toys here.

Here's another Shih Tzu video for your enjoyment! These pups have just had their first bath and they are looking adorably fluffy. Take a look:

How adorable are they?!

Need advice on giving your dog a bath? We have best practices for grooming your dog, here.

And if you haven't had enough Shih Tzu love for today, learn more about the history of this outgoing, affectionate, and playful breed in this video.

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