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dogs waking owners up

There’s one thing we humans can’t resist: a snooze button. And when we abuse that privilege, we can always count on our best friends to step in. Whether we like it or not, they’re sure to get us out of bed when our sleeping habits are out of hand! Below, eight canines trying to turn their owners into morning people.

1. This Samoyed brings her owner to consciousness with hugs and kisses. Alarm clocks everywhere can learn something from Lexi’s gentle wake-up call.

via YouTube

2. Some dogs, however, are less subtle…like this Lab trying to undo the human burrito that is his owner.

via YouTube

3. This German Shepherd is so polite — knowing that the act of stepping out of bed is the hardest part of waking up, he tries to get it done himself.


4. But this Husky won’t do all the work. A big believer in self-discipline, he only plans to wake the owner and leave the getting-out-of-bed portion to him. And his owner really has no choice, what with his dog’s intense methods and all.


5. Others are more patient, like this guy who gently strokes his person’s head. Looks like someone truly understands the chore that is facing the day!


6. This Dachshund gets it, too. The only thing that makes extended sleep better is a cuddle buddy!


7. This guy is super sweet. Knowing how important dental hygiene is, he wanted to make sure his owner’s nightly routine of a good teeth brushing was fulfilled!


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