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If you own a Whippet, we bet you can relate:

1. We know that Whippets have two speeds: 35 mph or out cold on the couch. Beauty in motion and at rest.

whippet running


2. We are used to all of our clothes and furniture being covered in short, hard hairs. No flannel sheets for us.        

whippet on blanket


3. We can't ever let them off leash—these sighthounds constantly have their eyes out for bunnies or anything else that moves. If they see one, all else is forgotten. 

whippet in hole


4. Many dog owners get a Whippet as their second dog to exercise the first (or the kids)!


5. Whippets prefer to be spoiled, so we know they'll need soft beds and to be allowed under the covers.

whippet cuddling


6. Guard dogs? Only if you want them to kiss the burglar and show him where the valuables are kept!

whippet at fence


7. Beware of those big, brown Whippet eyes—they will melt your heart and cause a Whippet addiction more fierce than one for potato chips (you can never have just one)!

several whippets


8. We say this often: “No, he is not a Greyhound. No, he is not skinny. He is a Whippet!”

whippet running


9. Puppies are notorious chewers, so we know to put our favorite shoes away.

whippet with toy


10. We love our breed. Once you are a Whippet owner, you are one for life!  

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