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Any dog owner knows there's no problem that can't be solved by cuddling with your dog. In this spirit, we've rounded up a bunch of cuddling dogs from your viewing pleasure. There's no way they won't warm your heart!

Are you ready? Prepare for cuteness! Here we go.

Check out this video of two snoozy, cuddly, Pugs.


Adorable, spooning perfection.

This Saint Bernard is all about the cuddles.

He's basically a dog blanket.

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It's a free grooming session for this Boston Terrier.

Cats and dogs who snuggle are the best.

Dachshund kisses!

Find a snuggly bed like this one on the AKC Shop. Your dogs will thank you!

Look at this cuddly angel.

Rottweiler puppy love. This guy will definitely live up to his loyal and loving nature. He'll be a confident guardian for sure.

This kitten isn't shy about making herself comfortable.

And this Siberian Husky doesn't move a muscle. He just goes right back to sleep.

This Dachshund is also making herself right at home.

Owner snuggles are the best snuggles.

And prepare for one of the cutest cuddles of them all: a Golden Retriever dad and his pup.


Is that not the cutest cuddle session you've ever seen?

We hope you've enjoyed our cuddle roundup. Now, it's time for a nap!

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And learn more about why dogs are so snoozy here.
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