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Mocha, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was just minding his own business when he notices something in the mirror across the room…himself. His owner playfully calls attention to the reflection and Mocha decides to investigate.

After staring down the reflection for a few seconds, he dares to move closer. He lies down in front of the mirror and continues the staring contest. Then he gets up again and moves forward a few more paces. After staring into the mirror for a few more seconds, he's so startled by his reflection that he jumps back and runs into the next room.

He returns and merely glimpses at the reflection before shaking out her fur and pacing the floor, pondering his next move. Then things turn aggressive. Mocha begins to nudge the mirror and move side to side, attempting to find a way to get to his reflection. Something that we know is impossible, but why ruin his fun?

See his adorable reaction here:

Do dogs recognize themselves in mirrors? Find out here.

Corgis aren't only adorable when seeing their twins…that's a trait they have no matter the situation! Like this little guy, Butterball, who is trying to get down the stairs like the pro is he as heart. His attempts are too cute to pass up. Check them out below.
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