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We all know the struggle of trying to get out of bed in the morning. Your alarm goes off and you need to get up, but your bed is so warm and cozy, so you hit snooze. And sometimes you just snooze and snooze, and finally when you realize how late it is, you have to rush to get ready.

Topi the Corgi knows exactly what we're talking about. Watch as this cute little dude demonstrates the morning struggle.

That's pretty much us trying to get up in the morning to a T, except with Topi, it's a lot more adorable.

Luckily for Topi, dogs sleep about 12-14 hours per day! Why do they sleep so much? Find out here.

Here's someone else who's having a tough time trying to wake up…

This guy does not want to get out of bed, but his Husky Max says, “It's play time!” Watch what happens when Max tries to get his owner up.

A wake up call turned into cuddle time awfully quickly. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Want more sleepy pups in your life? We've got just the thing: check out 15 GIFs of Sleeping Puppies.

And if your pup is in need of a new place to sleep, we have the perfect beds for every dog on the AKC Shop.
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