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Pembroke Welsh Corgi, meet fish tank.

“What are all those things in there,” wonders Jackson. There's only one way to find out….

Obviously just observing the fish and watching them swim isn't enough. Jackson has to stick his nose up to the tank and give it a good ol' lick. And do we blame him? Absolutely not. That's just something that dogs do. It's certainly no harm to the fish, other than having a dog nose (and tongue) on their tank-glass.

Want to learn about how your dog senses the world? Other than licking a fish tank, of course. Find out more about pup senses here.

And while Jackson remains perplexed by the fish tank, we have another Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is hanging out, just enjoying life. Well… she's actually getting groomed, and as you can tell from the look on her face, she LOVES it.

Check out Aimi's adorable smile as she gets a doggy-blow-out fit for a queen.

Isn't she just perfect? Aimi is so well-behaved while getting groomed and she very clearly is having a great time.

Even if your dog isn't (yet!) as good as Aimi is with grooming, there's always time to learn. Check out this article for tips on grooming your dog.

And for more information on a usually forgotten piece of the grooming process, check out the video below.
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