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It doesn't matter who you are… a regular everyday person, or a Hollywood star, coming home to your dog is still the greatest experience in the entire world.

Just ask Captain America star Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger. After 10 (long) weeks apart, Evans came home to an extremely adorable welcome from Dodger. Dodger kisses Evans' face, tail wagging with uncontrollable excitement.

Evans shared a video of their reunion on Twitter with the caption: “After 10 long weeks…”


Is that not the cutest thing? That's true love right there.

In fact, leading up to their joyous reunion, Evans posted several photos and videos of Dodger, counting down the days until he would see him again.




There's nothing more difficult than being away from your dog…even if you're off making movies. Anybody else pulling for a Dodger cameo in the next Avengers film? We sure are!

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