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Some dogs, especially when they're puppies, are afraid of new things. It takes them a while to warm up to regular household items like stairs or doors. But not this German Shorthaired Pointer pupper. He may only be 10 weeks old, but he flies through the doggy door like it's nobody's business. Look out everybody, this pup doesn't mess around!

Check him out!


Wow, watch that puppy go! He has no fear; he just flies right through the door and into the house. It's just too adorable. He has so much energy! How do you keep an energized pup from going stir crazy? Stimulation, of course. Combine physical exercise with mental stimulation and you've got a tired and happy pup. Check out some games to challenge your dog, here.

Need a little more puppy love in your life? Good thing we're experts in all things pupper. Like this group of GSP pups. They're just hanging out in the backyard, enjoying a beautiful day.


How cute are they?! They are so precious. Can you count how many pups there are? It's a little hard to tell, but they're all adorable.

With all those pups running around, it makes you think: “How much exercise do dogs need?” Well, we got you covered. Find out, here.



And learn more about an unbelievably fun way to exercise with your dog in the video below.


Looking to celebrate the German Shorthaired Pointer in your life? Check out our German Shorthaired Pointer specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. You'll find something your dog will love, we guarantee it!
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