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When most dogs see a squirrel, they want to chase after it. If they don't want to chase it, they're at least usually very interested. Not Briva the Great Dane. She's laying on the porch, resting her head in a comfy dog bed. When a little grey squirrel comes up on the porch to grab some stray peanuts, Briva is barely even interested.

The squirrel, however, is very cautious of the giant dog. Check it out.


That squirrel certainly looked like he was trying to pull a “Mission Impossible.” Briva, on the other hand, seemed like she wasn't terribly interested in the squirrel. She'd much rather be sleeping. She may be “giant,” but she's got the friendly, patient, and dependable Dane personality for sure.

And while Briva just wants to sleep in peace on the porch, the Great Dane in this next video just wants to curl up in a bed that's clearly way too small for him. The bed, in fact, belongs to his Chihuahua friend, but this Dane insists that it's his now. We don't think it looks all that comfortable, but this doggo doesn't seem to mind.


To each his own, right?! This video would only be better if the Chihuahua was sleeping in a giant, Great Dane-sized bed. Man, these sleeping dogs are making us sleepy. If only we could have the dog life, where sleeping takes up about half of the day.


So if these Danes haven't convinced you to take a nap…we've got one last super fun dog video for you. It's a fantastic dog mashup; check it out!


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