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"I dare you to find a more kissable face."
Bulldog puppies
"I know every mom thinks their kids are the cutest, but mine really are."
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"What do you mean I’ve got a sour mug?!"
When you’ve found the perfect nap spot.
Next stop, the Olympics!
"They don't call me a well-muscled bruiser for nothing!"
When you run into someone you haven’t seen since puppy kindergarten.
"I woke up like this."
"OK, that was enough exercise for today."

The Bulldog is among the friendliest of canines. He’s sweet and eager to please, and though he may not be built for speed, he’s definitely built for love. If you’re a fan of the breed, you know there’s not a more easygoing companion. In honor of Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, take a look at a few photos that prove just how adorable these loyal companions really are!
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