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A pile of leaves = tons of fun, everyone knows that! This Bulldog puppy is diving in and taking advantage of his owner's rake. Surf's up, dude!

Check out this little guy as he uses the rake to ride through the leaves.

How cute! And innovative! This pup (who is appropriately named Curious George) has taken playing in the leaves to the next level. Way to go.

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And while George is having the time of his life, Drogo the Bulldog pup is having a more difficult day. He's facing off against a big step. Will he overcome it? Find out below.

Drogo thinks about it…he barks at the step…and then decides it's a little too much for him. That's OK pup, you'll get it next time!

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Want to learn more about the bulldog? Check out our video on this breed below!
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