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Just in time for the German Shepherd Club of America’s 100th year, we are featuring as our Breed of the Week, the German Shepherd Dog!

We love these wonderful dogs and hope you’ll share your love for them with us–your stories, images, videos, etc.! Congrats to the German Shepherd Club of America for reaching a milestone of a century of service!

Enjoy these fast facts about German Shepherds:

  • German Shepherd Dogs were first registered with the AKC in 1908.
  • The German Shepherd Dog ranks as the THIRD most intelligent dog breed of all just behind the Border Collie and Poodle (S. Coren, the author of “The Intelligence of Dogs).
  • In 2012, out of 175 breeds, the German Shepherd ranks second in AKC Registrations.


German Shepherd Dogs have been the breed of Presidents and Vice Presidents

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt also had a German Shepherd named Major.
  • John Kennedy also had a German Shepherd named Clipper.
  • Vice President Joe Biden got a German Shepherd puppy in 2008 named Champ.


German Shepherd Dogs have long been four-legged stars of Hollywood

  • Strongheart was the German Shepherd who became one of the first canine silent movie film stars in 1921.
  • Rin-Tin-Tin was the German Shepherd who became the greatest canine star of his time.
  • Bullet, the Wonder Dog was Roy Rogers’ German Shepherd dog.
  • Jerry-Lee was the police dog sidekick to Jim Belushi in films “K9” and its sequel “K911.”


German Shepherds have long served as Service Dogs

  • Buddy, a German shepherd dog was the first Seeing eye dog in 1928.
  • Nemo was the first German Shepherd “war dog” to return home from the Vietnam war.


Established History and Breed Standard; What Makes a German Shepherd Dog

The first recorded German Shepherds date back to 1899, and today they are one of the most iconic and popular breeds of purebred dogs; rich in history with a broad range of capabilities from wartime service and law enforcement to service assistance dogs and even as actors in television and movies. The German Shepherd Dog breed standard promotes the development of dogs of equable disposition, who are poised, unexcitable, and with well-controlled nerves. For his typical work as a herding sheepdog, he must not be gun-shy and must have courage to protect his flock from attacks, either animal or human. For his work as a police dog, a development which followed upon his natural aptitude for training, he must have this courage and in addition must be able to make use of the excellent nose which he usually possesses. In his work as a leader of the blind, the Shepherd must and does exhibit a high order of intelligence and discrimination involving the qualities of observation, patience, faithful watchfulness, and even, to a certain degree, the exercise of judgment. The dog as a whole is one of ruggedness combined with nobility, of power combined with agility.   These qualities, which have endeared the German Shepherd Dog to a wide public in practically every country of the globe, are those of the companion, protector, and friend.

Check out for more information about the German Shepherd Dog breed! /breeds/german_shepherd_dog/index.cfm



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