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Neo the Boxer puppy loves watching Internet videos on his owner's computer. He even sits in a chair at the computer desk, like a human and everything! But he doesn't like watching just any videos…he likes to watch videos of his fellow fun-loving, bright, and active Boxers! And who can blame him? Boxers are adorable!

Watch Neo as he curiously watches some other Boxers on the computer. (It's like Boxer-ception!)

How precious is he? Those big, soulful eyes, and curious head tilt, we just can't stand the cuteness. Do you think he recognizes the other Boxers in the videos? We're not sure, but supposedly dogs don't recognize themselves in a mirror. Learn why not, here.

Want to see another adorable Boxer head tilt? It's will have you saying, “awww.” Check it out.

Have you ever seen anything so cute? This Boxer pup has us swooning. Why do dogs cock their heads like that? Find out here.

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