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Bella the Boxer puppy is a little excited to say the least. Why is she so excited? Well… because her owner is finally home, of course!

Lots of dogs get excited when they see their owner come home…some bark, some jump up, but what Bella does is pretty unusual. She shakes and wiggles her butt like there's no tomorrow! It's unbelievably cute. Watch below.

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Or funny? What a silly pup, she just can't contain her excitement.

Is your pup bursting with energy like Bella? Does she need the perfect interactive toy? Or maybe she's the laid back type and would rather have a squeaky toy. The AKC Shop has all the toys you (and more importantly, your dog) could possibly want, and more. Check out the play section for toys, as well as some of the Boxer-specific products like phone cases and mugs.

And while Bella is the epitome of energy, the Boxer pups in this video just can't stay awake. Meet Paizley and Pepsy. They're just two sleepy puppies trying to stay awake.

They don't have much luck, do they? It's okay pups, part of being a puppy is nap time! In fact, puppies spend 15-20 hours a day sleeping. Sometimes we wish we could sleep that much. Want to learn some other fun facts about sleeping puppies? Check out more information, here.

And one last video for you to celebrate our favorite fun-loving, bright, and active breed. Enjoy!
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