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Do you remember your first experience with snow? You might not. Your dog's first experience with snow, however, is usually one you can't forget. Take this Boxer puppy, for example.

He's playing outside in the snow for the first time (in the little bit of snow there is) and he is LOVING IT. Check out his reaction below.

How cute was that? The way he zooms around and makes the play pose…too precious.

Why do dogs get the zoomies? Find out the answer here.

And if one Boxer pup experiencing snow for the first time wasn't enough for you…we have one more!

Meet Roxie. She's not quite sure what to make of all that white stuff.

So adorable!

Want to have some winter fun with your dog? Take a cue from these dogs helping their owners build snowmen.

And make sure you stay safe! We have winter safety tips here.
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