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Bloodhounds are born to follow a scent. Their noses are so keen that they’re often utilized by police and search and rescue groups for their ability to follow a trail long after it’s gone cold. According to the American Bloodhound Club, there is even a bumper sticker floating around that says, “Support a Bloodhound, get LOST!”

When Bloodhounds’ noses go to the ground, their wrinkles and long ears form a cup around their nostrils, trapping in the scent and enhancing their ability to smell.

Beyond their powerful scenting ability and large build, they are docile, loving canines that can definitely serve up some laughs. Here are a few videos that give a glimpse into what life with a Bloodhound is like.

The Squeak and Freeze

Can we please have just 10 minutes with this pack of puppies?!

The Puppy Pit

This video shows us that dreams really do come true.

Ever Heard of a Dog Purr?

OK, so dogs definitely do not purr. But this is pretty close.

The Nose Knows

Isn’t this wrinkly puppy the cutest? Using his nose to sniff out the kibble while trying not to step on his ears!

All of Us on a School Day

#FoodDrunk Ellie video alert! #BewareOfCuteness #WouldRatherSleep

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Just five more minutes? Puppies may seem like they have boundless energy, but they actually sleep A LOT. Most nap for 15 to 20 hours a day. Rest up, pup!

Masters of Snooze

Lennon the Bloodhound is napping so soundly, we’re getting sleepy just watching him. His cheeks are moving like a puffer fish as he exhales because a Bloodhound’s head is furnished with loose skin… aka wrinkles! Do you think he’s dreaming?

Waiting Patiently for the Door to Open

We love when our people come home, we wait as sweetly and patiently as we can!

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Even through all of the excitement, these pups still know the “sit” command. They listen so well that they’d be great candidates for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Something’s on My Ankle!

Puppies will come up with all kinds of “unique” ways to play. They sure seem to be enjoying themselves here!

Running Toward the Free Samples Table Like…

Honestly, if you took a slo-mo video of us at Costco on a Sunday, it would look pretty similar to what’s happening here.

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