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Sunglasses or goggles for dogs aren’t just a fashion accessory; in many situations, they can be a necessity. After all, we protect our own eyes from the elements, why wouldn’t we do the same for our dogs?

If your dog comes along for motorcycle or bike rides, sunglasses will protect him from wind, road debris, and bright sun. On the beach, dog sunglasses will keep sand out of his eyes, as well as shield his eyes when he swims. Dogs suffering from conjunctivitisglaucoma, or other eye conditions may need sunglasses every time they go outside. They’re even handy for dock diving and boating. In fact, any dog that likes to hang his head out the car window can benefit from snug-fitting sunglasses to minimize eye irritation. And, if you choose to use them as a fashion accessory, that’s between you and your dog.

What to look for in dog sunglasses and goggles

  • Adjustable straps: no matter how precise the stated product measurements, the straps should adjust to the size and shape of your dog’s head. If the product is offered in several sizes, be sure to measure before ordering
  • Lenses that offer UV protection: if your dog is spending long periods of time in the sun, protect his eyes.
  • Lens shape that’s suitable for your dog’s eyes: some styles have relatively shallow lenses that won’t fit well on a breed with large, round eyes, like the Boston Terrier. Other styles have deep eyecups that will be more suitable for those breeds.

Highest-Rated Dog Sunglasses

QUMY Dog Sunglasses 

QUMY sunglasses are easily adjustable to fit dogs of almost any size and shape, except for tiny pups. The sturdy chin and head straps keep the glasses firmly in place. One pleased customer says that the glasses have “high-quality adjustable elastic straps that wrap all the way around the dogs head just below their ears. I was surprised by how well they fit the different dogs.” The frame has vents to prevent fogging and the lenses are shatterproof. Bonus: they come in a drawstring bag, so you can protect them from scratches when not in use. Choose from six sporty colors. Price: $8.99

Best Sunglasses for Small Dogs

Enjoying Dog Goggles

Even your tiny Dashchund or Chihuahua needs eye protection from wind, debris, and bright sun. More glasses than goggles, the Enjoying Dog Goggles have deep eyecups, which makes them especially suitable for breeds with protruding eyes, like Pugs. The glasses are windproof, waterproof, and offer UV protection. One verified customer with a miniature Dachshund says it’s a “Great product. Once adjusted it stays in place on my dog’s head.” And the curly shape of the frame is pretty cool, too, in either black or hot pink. Price: $8.50 

Most Stylish Dog Sunglasses

Namsan Dog UV Goggles

Along with being easily adjustable, foldable, and snug-fitting, Namsan’s sunglasses make a fashion statement. The foam-cushioned frame is comfortable for your dog and the shatterproof lenses keep him safe. This customer reviews sums it up: “We go four wheeling a lot for long distances and the trails are very dusty…Without the doggles, he would have very watery itchy eyes by the end of the day and these seem to help a lot. Plus they look hilarious….” Select from blue, bright black, bright blue, bright silver, pink and yellow. Price: $12.99

Best Goggle-Style Sunglasses

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

Unlike many other styles, Rex Specs are actually goggles. They come with two different lenses, one clear and one in your choice of several different colors. To add even more panache, the frames are available in eight different colors. The goggles offer superior UV protection, blocking almost 100% of UV rays. They also come in six sizes and are adjustable. Customers like the wide field of vision the goggles offer dogs and a customer review states, “These are the real deal…very well made and deliver exactly what the website says they will.” He also suggests watching Rex Spec’s YouTube video to learn how best to adjust the straps. They’re pricey, but buyers seem to think they’re worth it. Price: $79.97

Sunglasses That Dogs Like Best

Doggles Originalz

This company claims to be the originator of dog sunglasses and they have all the bells and whistles. The smoke-colored lenses offer 100% UV protection, are shatterproof, and have an anti-fogging feature. The glasses have both chin and head straps that are fully adjustable and the frame has side air vents for breathability. They also come in three sizes, to fit almost any dog.  A verified customer says, “Really happy with this purchase! Great product, well made and stays on until you remove it… There’s also…instructions for training, which I found very helpful!” Price: $18.47

Best Sunglasses For the Hipster Dog

Lifeunion Vintage Steampunk Dog Goggles

Protect your dog’s eyes in style with these vintage aviator sunglasses, which will go perfectly with his motorcycle helmet.  Unlike many products, these glasses have only one strap, but it is adjustable and the sponge frame fits most dogs comfortably. The lenses are made of  AC resin and offer UV protection. And even if you’re just going for a walk, your pup can be the coolest-looking dog on the block. Chose from clear or colorful lenses. Price: $13.95

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