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Victoria Paul / Christina Coudret

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When it comes to Halloween, dog owners don’t mess around — meaning they dress their pets in dog Halloween costumes so they can join in on the fun. But ordering the right costume isn’t necessarily easy. Before you make a purchase, you need to measure your pooch to make sure it will actually fit. You may find that your “small” Corgi may be a medium size, depending on the brand — and you don’t want to have to make a return late in the game. There’s also the matter of materials and making sure the costume won’t be too uncomfortable or that it won’t fall apart a few minutes into the costume party.

To find dog Halloween costumes that are actually worth it, the shopping experts at the AKC have searched through Chewy to find six of the most popular, highly-rated dog costumes on the site. We then had dogs volunteer to test and model said outfits to see how they fit and how durable they would be. The cuteness factor was also taken into consideration.

Here are our findings for the best Halloween dog costumes you can buy at Chewy right now.

The Dog Halloween Costume Testers

Dog going through weave poles in a lion costume.
Victoria Paul
Dog going through weave pull in a lion costume.

To test the costumes, we enlisted our AKC Dog Stars to wear, play, and attempt to remove their Halloween garb. Our testers included Kirby the 13-pound Brussels Griffon and Luna and Solo, two much larger Beaucerons. With very different sized dogs (and very different personalities), we had their owners pick out both full-sized and headgear costumes and report back on the quality, how easy it was to put on the costume, how it fits, and how long their pets would put up with wearing them. Here’s what they thought.

Walking Yoda & Lightsaber Dog Costume by Rubie’s Costume Company

With the popularity of Baby Yoda, we had to fit little Kirby in the Walking Yoda & Lightsaber Dog Costume. The Brussels Griffon has a 12-inch neck size and is 13 pounds, so the small size of this costume fits him perfectly. However, we will note that because of the Yoda craze, this costume can be hard to find in your dog’s size, so act quickly when it comes in stock.

While Kirby was a bit reluctant to move at first and it can be a bit tricky to get on because both front legs have to be placed through sleeves, the adorability factor makes it completely worth it. “This costume is so cute and made me laugh when Kirby walked around in it!” Christina Coudret, Kirby’s owner, says. She also noted that it probably wouldn’t stay on for long with much activity, but it could be good for a photo shoot or if you plan on carrying your pup around. The fabric is also a bit thinner than the other costumes but seems to be well-made overall.

Get the Rubie’s Costume Company Walking Yoda & Lightsaber Dog Costume at Chewy for $27.99

Lion Mane Dog Costume by Frisco

This lion’s mane is an easy headpiece you can throw on your pooch but is particularly good for larger dogs you can’t wrestle into a full costume. The extra-large size is meant to fit dogs with a chin circumference between 23 and 28 inches but fits the Beaucerons’ 19-inch neck perfectly. According to Luna and Solo’s owner Victoria Paul, this is her favorite costume for them.

The headpiece seems quite stable and was relatively easy to get over the dogs’ heads. However, the internal strap you pull to get a good fit on the mane could be tricky to do on a longhaired or curly-haired dog in order to avoid pulling the dog’s fur. But those dogs have their own mane’s anyway and might look better in a different costume.

Get the Frisco Lion Mane Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy for $12.99

Shark Attack Dog Costume by Frisco

Is there anything more ferocious (or in this case adorable) than a shark? This shark costume comes with two easy to put on pieces that are made with a good weight fabric that should last many years. The medium size, which is good for dogs with a 14-inch body length, 13-inch neck, and 20-inch chest, according to the size guide, fits Kirby perfectly despite being good for 20-pound dogs.

“The body part of the costume was like a coat and easy for Kirby to walk around in without being uncomfortable so it should stay on for a long time,” Coudret says. We can all agree he looks super cute in it, but she did note that the headpiece did tend to slip down over his eyes if he moved around too much.

Get the Frisco Shark Attack Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy for $15.99

Spider Dog Costume by Frisco

Spiders are a classic for the Halloween season as is dressing your dog like other animals, which is why we’re obsessed with this spider costume. The extra-large size comes with a headpiece and separate body piece and is said to fit dogs with a 20-inch body length, 17-inch neck, and 27-inch chest. Luna and Solo measure around 22 inches long, 23 inches for their chest, and 19 inches around the neck, so the costume was just a little short. According to Paul, the straps on the spider fit fine, but it looked a bit funny being so round and stumpy on a long dog. It might look more proportional on a more square and smaller dog.

This costume does seem like it would last a while. But be forewarned: Its plush exterior looks eerily similar to a toy, so heavy chewers may tear into it if it’s left unattended.

Get the Frisco Spider Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy for $15.99

Bread Costume by Frisco

While more of an accessory than a full-on dog costume, this bread costume is fun and equally hilarious. It’s available in one size only and should fit necks 8 to 10 inches in circumference, which was just a little too small for Kirby. Coudret was able to get the headpiece on, but it was a tight squeeze and only rested on his neck. But it would be better suited for a dog under 10 pounds.

On the plus side, the plush bread piece was easy to get on and should stay in place for dogs who have a smaller neck than Kirby. His owner also said that it seemed to be good quality and should last a few years, so you can use it for multiple Halloweens or whatever bread festivities you celebrate.

Get the Frisco Bread Cat Costume from Chewy for $7.99

Princess Leia Dog & Cat Costume by Rubie’s Costume Company

We had to bring one more Star Wars costume into the mix, though this Princess Leia was a bit disappointing. The extra-large size fits well and looks absolutely adorable when on our Beauceron tester, but was a bit of a challenge to get on as you had to get the dogs’ legs through small armholes. Also, they didn’t seem to want to move much with it on, but the headpiece definitely did survive some solid head shakes.

Paul also had some concerns over the quality of the costume and how well it would hold up during an actual event. “The material seems thin and the seams are a bit uneven in spots and there are loose strings apparent,” she says. All-in-all this look may be best suited for just a quick photo op for a Jedi-loving family.

Get the Rubie’s Costume Company Princess Leia Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy for $24