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Usually Beagles use their noses to follow a trail and sniff out prey. But not this Beagle. He's using his nose for a different and more creative purpose at home.

What's he using his nose for exactly? To bury his treasure of course! Call Charlie the Beagle “Red Beard,” because he knows the importance of burying your treasure. Watch as he attempts to hide his favorite toy in his owner's bed in the video below.



He really puts a lot of effort into hiding this toy…it must be a good one! And when his owner moves it, he just starts all over again trying to hide it..using his nose, of course!

Did you know that a dog has 45x more scent receptors than a human? It's true! Dogs have 225 million scent receptors while humans only have five million. Learn how to unleash your dog's sense of smell, here.

Want to see another Beagle showing extreme dedication to his toy? Well look no further! This Beagle has found his toy trapped inside a playpen. Will he let that pen stop him? Of course not.



What a clever dog! This Beagle doesn't mess around when it comes to toys. Just like the doggo in the first video, he puts his nose to good use.

Somebody needs to get these dogs involved in an event like Tracking or Scent Work. These fun and interactive events allow a dog to utilize his nose and provides mental and physical stimulation. Learn more about dog breeds with extraordinary noses, like the Beagle, in the video below.




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