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This Beagle is out for a walk with his owner and he is really excited about it. So excited, in fact, that he gets down and dirty in the grass and does a happy dance. Charlie is, of course, just doing what Beagles do; he's smelling all the smells and enjoying rolling around in the grass.

Watch him do his happy dance in the video below.


There must have been something really good smelling in the grass for all that rolling. Charlie was all over the place and truly enjoying himself. How adorable!

Does your dog have a super sniffer? If so, you should check out AKC Sports like Tracking and Scent Work that highlight a dog's ability to smell. These events bring out your dog's natural instincts, in addition to being fun and challenging. Learn more about these events here.

Want to see another adorable Beagle just doing his thing? Of course you do!

Meet Oliver. He's practicing his “leave it” and he is doing an incredible job. He has great patience and is unbelievably cute on top of it all.

Check him out.

Oliver is SUCH a good boy! Way to go Oliver, you've really got “leave it” down pat. With skills like that, this pup is probably ready for his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. CGC is the gold standard in dog behavior and serves as a foundation for training for the entirety of your dog's life. It's also great preparation for getting involved in dog sports or other activities.

Want to learn more about CGC? Well you're in luck, we have just the thing…
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