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What can't dogs do? They are companions, workers, and even musicians! Like this piano-playing Beagle, for example.

This little guy is immensely talented. He's standing up on his hind legs, playing the piano, and singing along as he does. Listen as he plays and sings the song of his people with a typical Beagle “Ahooooooo.”



Quite the voice on this doggo. He has soul in his singing and an adorable face to boot. Plus, his tail adorably wags throughout the entire performance. We're swooning.

Why do dogs, like this Beagle, howl? There are many reasons, including as a reaction to sound (like a piano). Learn more about howling hounds, here.

Want to see another Beagle who's having the time of his life doing something he loves? Meet Charlie!

Charlie is obsessed with his giant tennis ball. He chases it around the house, carries it in his mouth, and looks unbelievably cute while doing it. Check him out.



There's no love like that between a Beagle and his favorite toy. Charlie is surely a dog with energy and spunk. If your dog has energy like Charlie, you should consider getting involved in dog sports. These activities are a great way to expend your dog's extra energy and strengthen the bond you have with him. Learn more about different AKC Sports, here.

And if you're looking to celebrate the Beagle in your life you should check out our Beagle specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. Whatever your dog prefers, we've got just the thing!


And for more ways to show your dog how much you love him (as if he didn't already know…) check out the video below.
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