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This Basset Hound is going wild. What made him so crazy? We don't know! We do know that it's downright adorable!

Watch as this guy rolls around on the ground, kicks up his legs, and wags his tail.

How funny is this pup? It's like he has the zoomies, but instead of running around, he rolls around. Why do dogs go crazy like this? Find out here.

Here's a Basset, on the other hand, who definitely does not have the zoomies. Instead, he is taking a nice nap. His owner, however, wants him to wake up…there are walks to be had after all! Auchi, though, won't budge.

The only thing that gets Auchi up…food, of course!

Looking for a treat that your dog will love and is also healthy? We've got some simple DIY recipes for you to try. Maybe they'll even wake your dog up from a nap, just like Auchi! Check them out here.
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