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It’s said that brain training is good for the brain—to keep you sharp and free of brain fog or memory loss. Tons of people swear by it, but nobody ever said it was explicitly for humans…

Zeus the German Shepherd Dog puppy is exercising his focus and speed with this common game. The ball goes under three cups, the cups get shuffled, all the while Zeus has to try to keep his eyes on the cup bearing the ball.

Can he keep his eyes on the ball or will he lose track? (Even we got a little mixed up!) See Zeus in the video below working on his (brain) fitness.


German Shepherd Dogs are born to work, they're very intelligent, and love exercise of all kinds. (Brain games are great, but physical activity is really important.) Learn more about the breed here.

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Training with Treats

Training your dog simply requires an investment of time, patience and of course a reward. Download this e-book to learn strategies that will make your treat training more effective.
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