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Puppies, puppies, puppies. If you're looking for puppies, you've come to the right place! Here we have 23 insanely adorable puppy pictures especially for you.

Because who doesn't love puppies?!

Puppies are sweet, fun, energetic, and absolutely adorable. We can't help but love them, even if they're not ours. And if they are ours, we love them EVEN MORE.

So check out these perfect puppy pics! They're sure to put a smile on your face.

Say hi to these Black Lab pups! Their eyes are the sweetest.

black lab

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Dalmatian pup with the zoomies!


Puppy friends are the best friends.


Look at their little tongues. Awww!

This Frenchie puppy has really perfected his “smize.”


The contrast of this German Wirehaired Pointer's coat on the grass is stunning.

GWP pup

Who wants to play with this Newfoundland puppy?


Any takers?

Like mother, like daughter.


That pup's gotta practice her Sammy smile!

Look at the adorable little face that is this English Springer Spaniel.

springer spaniel

And this Westie. His ears are so big!

westie puppy

He'll grow into them for sure.

Bulldog puppy versus step. Who will win?


We have faith in you little guy.

Not one puppy… not two puppies…


but 11 WEIMARANER PUPPIES. Count 'em!

This Yorkie is practicing her “gazing longingly into the distance” look.


This smile.


You don't wanna mess with this Malamute squad.

malamute pups

Squad goals for sure.

“Hey! Can I have a pet?” –This Australian Cattle Dog

aussie cattle dog


cocker spaniels

Can dogs even have twins?! Find out here.

What is that hiding in the grass?



It's a Corgi puppy!

This German Shorthaired Pointer is down for the count.

GSP puppy

SO sleepy.

This cuddly pair is perfection.

pom pups

Their tiny smiles are the icing on the fluffy cake.

This little Shih Tzu puppy has an adorable tongue and adorable collar.

shih tzu

“Want to come play in the flowers with me?” –this Rottie pup.


Man, being a puppy is exhausting.


Time for a nap!


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