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gsd howling hero

There are certain things that dogs do that us humans can’t help but find adorable. There are head-tilts, big paws on small puppies, and of course, howling. There’s nothing cuter than a dog letting out a big ol’ howl, especially when in it’s in response to a noise or another dog howling.

Like these German Shepherds, for example. They’re all howling away, all for their own specific reasons, and we can’t help but squeal with delight watching each and every one of them. Check them out:

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Wow! Look at this GSD go. We thought he would just keep going and going. Somebody sign this dog up for opera lessons…because he can certainly entertain a crowd.

This pair of Germans knows that no harmonica is good without a howl to accompany its music. And Ghost, is clearly doing an excellent job of teaching his son, Ryder, just how a howl is done. Excellent work, Ghost.

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Does this GSD think he’s communicating with the dog that’s howling in Zootopia? Hmmm…we wonder. Want to see another pair of doggos who think Zootopia is the best film to howl to? Check them out here.

This dog is practically a wolf. And he really gets into it. He starts off low and works his way to a full, head back, howl. Nice work pup!

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This is German Shepherd howl-inception. It’s a video of a German Shepherd howling at a video of a German Shepherd howling. Got that? This dog just wants the puppy in the video to have a friend to commiserate with. Howl away.

“Let me sing you the song of my people.” This is how a GSD pup says “good morning.” Really, is there any better way?

After all that, do you know why dogs howl? There’s actually a variety of different reasons. Learn more about the science behind the howl here.