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The Houston World Series of Dog Shows takes place July 17-21 at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas. Thousands of dogs are expected for the 5-day show which includes more than a dozen thrilling events and dog sports. Whether you’re coming for the show, or you’re just visiting the city, there are lots of dog-friendly options in Houston.

Here are nine things to do with your dog in Houston that will really get their tails wagging.

1. Go to a Dog-Friendly Bar in Houston

Meet dogs and drink beer. What could be better? On July 17 from 6-9 p.m., you can do both at Cottonwood Houston, a dog-friendly bar! Grab your ticket now to reserve a spot to hang out with some of Houston’s most searched for dog breeds and rescue groups, and enjoy some delicious brews from Cottonwood!

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Your $20 ticket is good for unlimited dog petting of more than 35 different dogs. Proceeds from the event benefit the AKC Reunite Canine Support & Relief Fund. AKC Reunite sends fully-stocked AKC Disaster Relief trailers to help shelters, families, and pets affected by natural disasters get back on their feet, er, paws. This program helped hundreds of people and pets during Hurricane Harvey.

2. Watch a Dog Show in Houston

Attend the Houston World Series of Dog Shows Wednesday through Sunday (July 17-21) at the NRG Center. Can’t attend? You can also stream the Houston World Series of Dog Shows live on on Friday and Saturday. Tune in on any mobile device or computer, or download the app on Amazon Fire TV,  Apple TV, or Roku.

3. Go To a Dog-Friendly Park

Go for a walk with your dog in one of Houston’s many parks, or go to a dog park where your pooch can be off his leash, run, play, and meet other dogs. A few of the best Houston dog parks are Danny Jackson Family Dog Park, Millie Bush Dog Park, and Bay Area Dog Park, which is a full five acres.

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4. Go Swimming With Your Dog

Houston actually has a swimming club for dogs and humans. It’s called Rummy’s Beach Club, and it provides a warm water pool and a private dog park where you and your dog can enjoy endless hours of play. The pool is covered in the winter, so you can swim all year round.

5. Grab A Bite at a Dog-Friendly Restaraunt

There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants in Houston. Some of the more popular dog-friendly restaraunts, where dogs are always welcome at the outdoor tables, are:

6. Visit The Dog-Friendly Arboretum

The Houston Arboretum is a 155-acre wildlife sanctuary with more than five miles of walking paths. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash, and there is no admission fee. Be sure to keep a close eye on your pooch, because there are snakes and other critters in the arboretum.

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7. See A Dog-Friendly Baseball Game

The Houston Astros host one dog day every year, where furry companions are invited to Minute Maid Park for a game. Check the team’s website to see when the next dog day is, and get your tickets early, because they might sell out.

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8. See A Dog-Friendly Concert

Hermann Park in Houston has a spacious outdoor theater with about 1,500 seats. The entertainment ranges from music to plays to dance performances from all different cultures. All shows are free, and all welcome four-legged audience members.

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9. Go Wine Tasting With Your Dog in Houston

Obviously, your dog won’t be drinking any wine. But Frascone Winery, about 45 minutes from Houston, welcomes dogs at its outdoor tables. Take a day trip, enjoy wine and food, and explore the bay area. The winery is within walking distance of the water.


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