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Though Pekignese stand quite low to the ground, they think pretty highly of themselves. They are regal-mannered, perhaps due to years of residing under Chinese royalty during the 8th century. However, while they do have an aura of self-importance, these little guys are also very devoted and make great companions. Here are seven examples of adorable Pekingese who have not given up their lavish lifestyles:

1. This dog who knows how to travel in style.


2. This chic canine who knows his way around Fifth Avenue.


3. This one who knows where the best views can be found.


4. This Pekingese who can rock the wind-swept look.


5. This dog who knows how to have fun, and look good, in the snowy conditions.


6. This dog who fully embraced the style change with the season change.


7. This guy who is sunbathing in the garden.
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