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Dallas is one of the most iconic southern cities, and it's full of dog-lovers. Here are seven things to do with your dog in Dallas.

1. Go To The Park

Dallas has plenty of parks for on-leash walks and off-leash play. One of the most beautiful parks in Dallas is White Rock Lake Park, where you can take a long walk, visit a bird sanctuary, and a get a great view of the Dallas skyline. There is also a dog park in White Rock at Mockingbird point. Other popular Dallas dog parks include North Bark, Central Dog Park, and Meadows Foundation Dog Park.

2. Go Hiking

It's not difficult to find hiking trails in Dallas. The most famous is the Katy Trail, which isn't even really a hike because it's built on an old railroad line that is all flat ground, but it's a beautiful walk nonetheless. Other great places to hike with your dog include Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and Spring Creek Forest.

3. Go Out To Eat

There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in Dallas, with spacious patios where you and your dog can eat and enjoy the weather. Some of the most popular are Lee Harvey's, Bolsa, The Londoner, Dream Cafe, and Iron Cactus Mexican Grill. The Katy Trail Ice House is another popular dog-friendly location, where you can stop for a burger and a beer while you're taking your walk. Mutts Cantina offers the best of both worlds as a restaurant and dog park in one.

4. Ride The Trolley

The McKinney Avenue Trolley is actually the oldest regularly running trolley in North America. Car 122, affectionately named Rosie, is more than 100 years old. The trolley is pet friendly, so feel free to take your pooch for a ride from the West Village to the Arts District.

5. See Some History

Dallas Heritage Village is home to a huge collection of 19th century Victorian-style pioneer homes and commercial buildings. The village gives you a glimpse into what life was like for Texans nearly 200 years ago. Take a stroll through the village with your dog—it's a whole 20 acres!

6. Do Yoga

Downward dog gets literal at Maraliz Campos' “doga” classes, which she teaches every Sunday at 10 a.m. in Craddock Park. The classes combine meditation, massage, and yoga poses, to create a relaxing and mindful experience for you and your best friend.

7. Go Shopping

The Dallas area has some great outdoor markets where you and your dog can browse, including The Urban Flea, the Dallas Farmers Markets, and Buchanan's Vintage Flea Market. If you want to get a special treat for your pup, check out Avenue Barket, or The Lucky Dog Barkery.
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