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Lagotto Romangolo with its tongue out

If there’s one thing everyone needs in his or her life, it’s pictures of adorable dogs. And that’s why we’ve put 35 of them together for you.

It’s the simple things in life, being able to look at pictures of perfect pups, for example, that are the most important! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of dog photo delight (and be sure to share with anyone you know who needs an extra smile today).

1. “Hi, I’m a Keeshond. Pleased to meet you.”


2. “How YOU doin’?”


3. “I might have to sneeze, but I’m not quite sure.”

Golden puppy

4. “Whataya you looking at?”


5. “Do you think this grass will mess up my fluffy white fur? I hope not!”

great pyr puppy

6. “Look into my eyes . . . give me the treat.”

rottweiler dog picture

7. “Do you see that toy?”

“Yup, I see it.”

“I’ll race you to it, in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.”


8. “Heyyy, what color is my tongue?”


9. “Most popular pup in the house!”

lab puppy

10. “Look at me go!”

am staff

11. “It’s no waterfowl, but I’ll still fetch this tennis ball.”

boykin spaniel

12. “Outside is so beautiful.”

bull terrier puppy

13. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

cocker spaniel

14. “Shhhh, puppies need their rest.

golden retriever puppy sleeping

15. “Give me the toy!”

“No, it’s mine!”

english setter puppies

16. “Everybody smile . . . we’re using this for the Papillon family Christmas card!”

papillon family

17. “You know what they say . . . you gotta stop and smell the dandelions?”

Icelandic sheepdog

18. “Is that treat FOR ME?”

ibizan hound

19. “We’re the Shiba squad!”

shiba inu puppies

20. “Who’s a good boy? Who is it? Is it me? I need to know!”

husky sideways

21. “Are you catching my good side? I just got groomed for this picture.”

toy poodle dog

22. “Sun’s out, tongues out.”

samoyed puppy

23. “I look all around, and all I see is snow. Can I play in it now?”


24. “I think this wagon is a little too big for me.”

norwegian elkhound

25. “Being a puppy is so exhausting.”

dogue de bordeaux

26. “Did you say ‘vet?!?'”

boston terrier

27. “This shoe is comfy to lie on. It might also be nice for chewing.”

border collie

28. “I know, my flow is fabulous.”

afghan hound

29. “Nothing like a day at the beach.”

aussie dog

30. “Come on Bruce, you’re ruining the picture! Where do you think you’re going?”

bmd dog

31. “Check out my profile. Yup, I’m the best.”

gsd dog

32. “Can dogs eat grass? I can!”

basset hound

33. “What are you looking at?”


34. “Do I have snow on my face?”


35. “I hope you liked all these adorable dog pictures!”

pwc dog pictures

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