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1. You set aside 30 minutes for a 10-minute walk because taking a corded Puli anywhere is a traffic-stopping event.

puli 1

2. “No, it’s not a Poodle and something else;” “No, it’s not a moving mop;” “Yes, we know which end eats.” “Yes, the coat does that naturally.” “No, the dog’s name isn’t Whoopie or Marley” (though sometimes it is).

puli 2

3. You can’t own too many scrunchies, elastic bands, or fleece ties.

puli 3
Courtesy Michelle Vickers

4. Your Puli is never far from you, and “door fringe” proves it.

puli 4


5. Some people knit or needlepoint. Puli people split mats and pick “things” out of the dog’s coat.

puli 5
Courtesy Linda Hall

6. Your dog moves like a hovercraft, bounces like she has spring-loaded feet, and never walks walk around anything she can go over.

puli 6
Courtesy Linda Hall

7. Pulik are up for anything as long as it appeals to their wit, challenges their intellect, and involves a touch of larceny.

puli 7
Courtesy Linda Hall


8. At bath time, you gather together enough towels to supply a community car wash, but you’re washing only one dog.



9. When you can’t find something that’s been missing for hours, you pick through the Puli coat. 

10. You have the strongest, and most calloused hands of any of your dog friends.

puli 10


11. Your veterinarian thinks it’s the height of hilarity to bring out a hair clipper with a #50 blade attached, but your dog is there to have his teeth cleaned.

12. You’re in a funk for two days after spotting a 13-inch detached cord that took five years to grow.

puli 12


13. You know what your dog is looking at by watching the hair on his head move.

puli 14
Courtesy Linda Hall

14. On the occasion one does see Puli eyes, the dog milks it for all it’s worth.

puli 15


15. You know what other dogs are thinking when they seemed puzzled by a Puli: “Rope Toy.”

rope toy

16. You haven’t walked a straight line in the house or yard since you brought home your Puli.
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