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It's Wednesday and we're all feeling that mid-week slump. We're all tired, drinking lots of coffee, and counting down the hours until the weekend. Well, don't worry: We've got just the thing to cure your hump day blues…

CUTE PUPPIES! We have some adorable, sleepy puppies for your enjoyment. Don't we all wish we could be sleeping, cuddled up in our beds? Since we can't, living vicariously through these adorable little dogs will just have to do.

And did you know that just like kids, puppies need more sleep because they're so active and constantly experiencing new surroundings? Well it's true! Puppies sleep 15-20 hours a day! Lucky ducks… or pups!

So while we can't be sleeping, these guys can. Check out their precious, sleepy faces:

First, we have this sleepy Beagle pup.

This Aussie has decided his already sleeping brother will make the perfect pillow for his nap.

Half on the table, half on the couch. Doesn't look like the most comfortable of sleeping positions, but it works for this Golden Retriever puppy.

Not even rambunctious siblings will wake this sleeping Husky.

Everyone else is already sound asleep, this little Corgi pup has decided he'll snuggle on in too.

Puppy life is hard…so hard this Shiba Inu puppy just has to let sleep take over.

We've all been here. Sleeping in the car, or on a plane, and our head bobs as we fall asleep. It's okay little Lab, it's definitely nap time.

There's nothing in the world cuter than a pile of sleeping puppies.

“Who's disturbing my nap?” asks this Shiba.

Is this little Bulldog precious or what?!

What do you think this Husky is dreaming about? Seems like something interesting…treats maybe?

This Dalmatian pup knows there's nothing better than snuggling in with his owner.


And did you know that studies show that sleeping with your pet may be beneficial? Find out more here.

This Dachshund has definitely heard that news.

And this guy is so sleepy, not even a blowing vent can wake him.

Does your dog love to snooze like these puppies? Most dogs do. Find out why here.

And if you're looking for an adorable, sleepy puppy like these guys, check out AKC Marketplace and find the right pup for you!
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