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Golden Retriever puppy in a Harry Potter costume

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ is now on shelves everywhere. As you’re locked in your room furiously flipping through the pages, these dogs are right there with you. Harry Potter fans are typically called ‘Potterheads,’ but these guys are what we liked to call…’Potterdogs.’

Sneakers is fully prepared for a full night of reading.

He looks pawsitively perfect in his Gryffindor scarf.


This Husky is celebrating with the ‘Harry Potter’ Snapchat filter.


And so is this Husky.


This Westie takes ‘Harry Potter’ very seriously.

A photo posted by Daisy. (@daisy_jls_tw) on

And can we blame her? NO SPOILERS PLEASE.


Venus the Saluki is rereading all of the books before she gets to the ‘Cursed Child.’

Looks like she’s getting a little sleepy though!


This Golden probably looks better in glasses and a scarf than any of us do.

And we’re pretty sure she’s done with Snapchat and ready to get reading.


This Italian Greyhound has never been more ready for summer reading.

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And she’s really rocking the glasses.


Frenchie or Wizard?

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Maybe both?


This German Shepherd could also be a wizard in disguise.

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Have you seen her?


Here is a “Gryffindog” sharing his ‘Harry Potter’ love with a cat-friend.


And this little guy is starting his magical journey as a pup.


Luna the Corgi can pretend she’s not that in to ‘Harry Potter’, but we know the truth.

With a name like Luna and that Deathly Hallows collar, we see what’s really going on.


Tyrian the Frenchie dresses up like this every Halloween.

A photo posted by Pam Pastor (@pajammy) on

And also for any other ‘Harry Potter’ event he can find.


“Is it my 11th birthday yet,” asks Rufio?

He’s all ready for his trip on the Hogwarts Express.