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German Shepherd Dog owners are a special breed of their own and share a common bond known only to them, mainly because they know these 10 things to be true.

1. We are collectors of nose art—as you can see on our walls, doors, and windows.

German Shepherd Dog Nose

2. We fear one thing—that our dogs might be smarter than we are.

3 GSD Puppies

3. Our dogs eat healthier food than we do.

4. We never have to worry about being alone because our dog is stuck like Velcro to our leg.

German Shepherd Dog Mom and Puppy

5. We never worry about our dog chewing up our favorite shoes—because we’re more concerned about the couch.

6. We chose this furniture because it matched our dog’s fur.

7. We know the dog owns the house, we just get to live here.

German Shepherd Dog

8. We own stock in vacuum cleaners. They don’t call them “German Shedders” for nothing!

9. Owners long for a lazy day as they take their German Shepherd out for their third walk.

German Shepherd Dog 
“Did someone say WALK?!”

10. But most of all, we know we will be rewarded with a lifetime of love and loyalty.

German Shepherd Dog Puppies

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Thanks to our German Shepherd Dog-loving friends at DogTube for contributing to this article.
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