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The preferred pet of King Charles II, Elizabeth Taylor on Sexy and the City, no dog wins your heart faster than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

What's so great about 'em? Just ask anyone who owns one. Or take a look at these 10 things only Cav owners will understand.

1. When you have a Cav, you basically have a little bundle of love with you at all times. Cavs are affectionate, gentle, and the best friend you will ever have.



2. The Grinch feet. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. The little adorable feet that your dog has…well, they do look like Grinch feet. In the cutest way possible, of course.



3. Cav owners know that their dogs have the biggest most beautiful eyes that stare into the depths of their souls. Just look at them…don't you feel instantly comforted? It's no wonder Cavs make such great therapy dogs!



4. Just like the Cav parent club says, many owners know that “you can't just have one.” 2 times the Cavs equals 2 times the love and fun.



5. When your dog wails his tail, he wags his whole body. He's a small guy and with a long, tail full of hair, it only makes sense that there's a lot of wagging going on. It's too adorable for words.



6. You're always on the look out with your Cav. While he may be trained, he is also easily distracted by birds, butterflies, and the like. There's nothing better than a fenced in yard; it's a life-saver.



7. Your dog the laid back person you aspire to be. He's ready for whatever you want to do. He'll play in the park, sleep on the couch, or just take a long walk. He's adaptable inside and out.



8. Your Cav is more than willing to be anyone's friend. It could be strangers, children, cats, or other dogs, it doesn't matter. Your dog will be friends with them all.



9. One of your Cav's favorite places is curled up on your lap or beside you. He was bred as a companion dog, after all.



10. He's royal in all respects. Not only was the Cav championed by King Charles I and II, but he is known for his royal appearance. Nowadays, your dog is simply royalty of your household. He knows it and you know it.



Think of anything we missed that all Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners understand? Let us know on Facebook!

And don't forget to take our poll below and let us know why you chose the Cav as your canine companion.
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