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By: The American Bloodhound Club with assistance from Julie Swigart

The Bloodhound is described as independent, inquisitive, and friendly. But there's a lot more to the breed than their great sense of smell and floppy ears, and you have to own one to truly know them. That's why only Bloodhound owners will understand these 10 truths:

  1. Bloodhounds are major counter surfers and you can never turn your back on them – it is best to train early that the kitchen is off limits or ALL counter tops, tables, etc. are OFF LIMITS.

    Bloodhound table surf


  2. Slobber will become a part of your daily life. Slobber is just a sample of DNA that shows how much your Bloodhound truly loves you. It can also be a substitute for coffee creamer.

    Bloodhound slobber


  3. Your lap is always an acceptable place to sit. They have NO IDEA how big they are. Even at 120-plus pounds they think they should still be able to sit on you.

    Bloodhound lap dog


  4. Dog hair is a condiment. It's everywhere and you just learn to smile and embrace it– or at least they will.

    Bloodhound dog hair


  5. They MUST smell everything. It's best to just let them smell everything within reason. However, they are very focused once they pick up a trail, so they should only be free in a fenced-in yard.

    bloodhound puppy smell


  6. They can contort their bodies into the most uncomfortable positions and sleep peacefully.

    Bloodhound sleep position


  7. They love to give hugs.

    bloodhound hug 2


  8. They will use their sad eyes to get out of trouble.

    Bloodhound sad eyes


  9. They are VERY smart. Some can learn to open closed doors and know how to hide objects in those lips such as toys, pears, socks, etc.

    curious bloodhound puppy


  10. They will always love you no matter what.

    Bloodhound hug


 To learn more about the breed, visit the American Bloodhound Club's website.
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