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Interested in a girl whose heart is already won by a certain furry four-legged man? Don't be jealous. His presence might have given her a leg up in the dating game. 

Here's why:

1. She’s responsible. No one wants to date a flake, but a girl with a dog has got at least some of her ducks in a row. She knows she needs to keep to a schedule to care for her dog, can’t disappear on a whim, and has to budget for veterinary appointments, food, and grooming. She’s a girl who's got it together.


2. She’s independent. Don’t expect her to be overly clingy or stalkerish. She probably can’t even stay the night unless she arranges for a pet sitter, and you’re always going to occupy only a portion of her time. If you can’t deal with that, well then, too bad. Bae’s got a doggie play date to get to anyway.


3. She’s outgoing and social. And that leads us to our next point. A girl with a dog is scientifically proven to be more outgoing and social than someone with a cat or without a pet. You’ll appreciate these skills when you want to show her off to your bros and later to your family.


4. She knows the value of positive reinforcement. Nagging, criticizing, and yelling get you nowhere when training a dog. She would have realized this fact early on so you can expect more gentle guidance when she takes the lead.


5. She’s not grossed out easily. Don’t expect her to be squeamish if you’re sweaty or stinky. She picks up poop by the handful several times a day, so your grossest bodily functions might curl a hair but won’t raise an eyebrow.


6. She’s active. She might not be running marathons, but she at least takes daily walks and can hold her own during a game of fetch. And if you can think of fun adventures, like hikes and road trips, that involve her dog, major bonus points for you.

7. She loves excessive body hair. You won’t have to feel self-conscious if you’re errr… blessed in the body hair department. Your girl is used to snuggling close to a big ol’ hunk of  hair every night. In fact, she finds it comforting.


8. She’s not a neat freak. When it comes to their homes, dog owners put the “fur” in furniture. Fancy vases on the coffee table? That’ll last about two seconds with a wagging tail. This chick definitely won’t freak out if you come home drunk and throw up on the rug. She knew better than to invest in a nice one. And she’s a pro at cleaning up vomit.


9. She doesn’t need small talk. Don’t have anything to say? No worries. She can sit in silence with someone she loves because, well, she’s had a lot of practice. And sometimes the best communication happens without words, anyway.


10. She’s nurturing. Her dog is her pride and joy, and she would do anything for him. When you see her interact with her four-legged buddy, you’ll realize what a great partner and mother she’ll be one day.


And the best part of all this? You'll be a dog owner yourself soon and will get to experience an unconditional love and friendship like you've never known before.


Want to win brownie points? Pick up a WOOFipedia BFF pack. Your bae (and her BFF) will thank you.


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